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Are you looking to sell your home? You’re in the right place. We Buy houses in Philadelphia, Pa, and surrounding counties. You may be thinking that “expert house buyers in my area” are hard to come by, at least the right ones. Here at Buying Property 215, we focus on doing what it takes to get deals done. We do focus on purchasing homes all over the area. Our main focus on where we purchase houses is in Philadelphia. But we have done properties all over Delaware county, Montgomery county, & Bucks county. You may be thinking how can house buyers in my area have the funds to purchase this many properties. The key is we have been doing this for a very long time. Building the right connections in real estate is important when it comes to purchasing this many homes. A large majority of the time we do not hold on to the property for long. The fact is that we do eventually re-sell the home. This typically comes after we completely renovated the home of course. We have done work and partnered with over two thousand plus investors in the city of Philadelphia. There is never a project too big or small for us we find a way to get the job done. We buy houses Philly!

Choosing The Right House Buyers In My Area!

With there being thousands of cash home buyers in Philadelphia. How do you know how to choose the right one? The first thing you should look for is do they have positive reviews? What are other people saying about them? We as a company take pride in how we treat homeowners without them we have no business. Something else’s you should ask for is proof of funds. Every legitimate company will have the capital to back it up. We make sure we have the cash on hand each month to fund our next projects. Choosing someone local to the area is important. We buy houses in Philadelphia, this is our hometown. Knowing the city very well each part and its uniqueness in every way. We have done projects in just about every section of Philadelphia.

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We Buy Houses Philly!

Yes, We Buy Houses Philly. Philadelphia is a strong city as are the people here as well. We understand how passionate this city is. How much things mean to us when it comes down to it. For instance, in our house, a lot of us take pride in it. Making sure we can get the most out of it when it is time to sell is important. There are too many companies out there that don’t understand what it takes to really be the best at what they do. Our company is always available for you to ask questions to. Giving you the right answers to your home selling needs. Buying Property 215 focuses on the home buying process. From start to finish we try to be exceptional!

Man these guys are the best they were professional and closed the deal with ease no problems just nothing but respect and professionalism across all cylinders!

Maurice Broadwater Jr.

When Is It Time To Sell?

The hardest thing sometimes for a homeowner is deciding when to sell. If you have lived in the property for a long time it becomes even more difficult! We have come across hundreds of homeowners dealing with this dilemma, so do not feel alone. Philadelphia’s real estate market is rapidly growing. Prices are constantly increasing on a monthly basis. Today’s market is considered a seller’s market taking advantage of it could be a bonus for you. Do you own a home that is in need of repairs? How about one that is vacant? We typically think homes like this are ones you may consider selling. We Buy Houses in Philadelphia and surrounding areas that typically need work. This means if you are sitting in a home that is not serving too much use for you. Or is just one that, maybe too much of a hassle to repair. Then maybe it is time to sell! If you are looking for the right “house buyer in my area” you have come to the right place. Buying Property 215 has several years of experience in buying homes all across the Philadelphia area.

Types Of Homes We Purchase!

Buying Property 215 is a real estate investment company that purchases just about any home. You may be wondering why would a company buy any home. We do this for a living this is how we make our money! Taking homes that are too much for a person to handle and doing the work that they may have no interest in doing. If you have a construction team behind you ready to put in serious work on your home. Then great you most likely do not need us. But if not and you are ready to part ways with that fixer-upper property then you are in the right place. We have seen it all from a house missing the entire side of it. To properties that just are not structurally stable whatsoever. We even purchase homes that need minor repairs. We notice that by putting your home on the market you may run into tons of issues with the new buyer looking to purchase your home. When that inspection period rolls around, there asking for you to fix an unreasonable amount of things. That’s where we come in specializing in that as-is all-cash offer with no inspections. Fill out your information below and get your offer today!

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